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Sample Nursing Home Report

Survey Findings/Facility Response
Facility : Sample Nursing Home
Finding for Regulation F-0329: 
Based on observation, interview and record review, the facility did not ensure that non-pharmacological interventions were attempted prior to administration of anti-anxiety medications for Residents #67, #97, #209, #229, and had no parameters for pain medication administration for Resident #125.  This affected five of eleven residents reviewed for unnecessary medications.
Resident #209 was admitted to the facility on 05/10/10 with diagnoses including congestive heart failure, and anxiety. Review of the resident’s care plan initially dated 06/09/11 (no update date indicated) revealed the resident used psychotropic medications including for behavioral management.  Besides medicating and watching for side effects, the staff was to monitor target behavioral symptoms including agitation and screaming at staff during care and transfers.  Care plans written on 07/01/11, 09/22/11 and 10/12/11 revealed the resident was tearful, and was verbally abusive statement to staff during care and refusing care.  Interventions for these problems included finding alternatives that the resident would accept, identify cause for refusal and reduce or eliminate, offer diversion activity and allow resident to discuss feelings and remind resident of acceptable behavior.
Of the physician orders revealed the resident was ordered Ativan (an anti-anxiety medication) to be given for anxiety as needed.  Review of the MAR revealed that the Ativan was given to the resident 15 times in September 2011 and once in October 2011, including 2 doses given on 09/11/11 and on 09/19/11.  


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