Sudden Unexpected Death

Sudden or Unexpected Death at a Nursing Home

“Mom was perfectly fine when we visited her in the nursing home on Wednesday,” Bill told us. “And then, on Thursday, she passed away. There was no warning. And we don’t know why or how this happened. My family wants an explanation and answers but no one is giving us any!”
Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common story. Families place their parents in skilled nursing homes expecting that their parents will receive the highest level of care, but, too often, unexplained events result in injury or even death.
There are any number of preventable reasons why a loved one might die unexpectedly while under the care of a nursing home including preventable falls, sepsis from bedsores, choking, or dehydration. Often it is a matter of the home being understaffed, so that the overworked nurses can’t take care of every patient at once. But you put your loved one in that home to be taken care of at the highest level, and that home failed you and your family.
Experienced Professionals Who Get Answers and Take Action
Our attorneys helped pioneer the nursing home abuse field. We have worked with well over 500 nursing home abuse and neglect cases. We are here to make sure that these abusive situations are met with care and compassion for the family. Using our team of professionals, we will help you find out what happened, and if the nursing home is at fault, we will make sure that that facility is punished appropriately.
If you have experienced the misfortune of sudden or unexpected death of a loved one who was under the care of an Ohio Nursing Home or Managed Care Facility, please call us at 1-888-534-4850 for a free consultation or send us a confidential Website Message for a free evaluation of your situation.
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