Ohio Nursing Home Family Satisfaction Survey

Ohio Nursing Home Family SurveyIn 2000, the Ohio State Legislature passed House Bill 403 that called for the development of a web-based Long-Term Care Consumer Guide. In 2003, funding related to this bill was discontinued but a new bill and new funding appropriations were passed in 2005. The bill requires the collection of family and resident nursing home satisfaction information in alternate years.

Ohio was the first state to undertake the process of gathering consumer input about the quality of care at nursing homes and residential care facilities. This project is being done to help improve the quality of care and make information available to the public for use in their decision making process of what facilities to choose for their care or the care of a loved one. The surveys are conducted for the Ohio Department of Aging by the Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a sub-contract to Scranton, Inc.

Long Term Care Consumer Guide

The input from the surveys becomes part of a consumer guide to report the results, along with other information such as facility surveys and deficiencies, quality measures based on the national Minimum Data Set for nursing home residents, and information added by facilities such as services available, costs, rules, and policies and special programs.

The first nursing home consumer surveys were conducted in 2002 and after a brief hiatus from 2003-2005, gathering consumer input from nursing home residents and families became a regular process. A tool for residents in residential care facilities which are also known as assisted living facilities was added in 2007.

Currently, interviews with nursing home and residential care facilities residents are conducted in odd-numbered years, and mailed surveys with nursing home family members are completed in even-numbered years. Results from the interviews and surveys are posted on the Ohio Long Term Care Consumer Guide website (ltc.ohio.gov).

Providers also use the results from these surveys for quality improvement and overall facility scores were briefly included in the Medicaid facility reimbursement formula, although that is no longer the case. About 146,000 nursing home families and 175,000 nursing home and RCF residents have provided input about the facilities where they received care.

What The Family Survey Includes

In the Family Survey, family of residents are asked a series of questions related to the following:

  • Moving Into The Nursing Home Facility
  • How Residents Are Able To Spend Their Time
  • Care and Services Provided
  • Caregivers
  • Meals and Dining
  • Security
  • Environment
  • Facility Culture

Sample survey questions include:

  • “When the resident moved in where you given thorough information to know what to expect?”
  • “Does the resident have plenty to do?”
  • “Does the resident get the kind of shower or bath they like?”
  • “Do the staff regularly check to see if the resident needs anything?”
  • “Is there a lot of variety in the food menus?”
  • “Do you feel safe and secure visiting a resident?”
  • “Can the resident get outside often enough?”
  • “Are the rules for the facility reasonable?”
  • “Would you highly recommend the facility to a family member or friend?”

The responses to each question are tabulated and a score is calculated on the frequency of answering “yes” to each of the questions. Then, an overall score is calculated for each facility based on the results of each question. The closer the score is to 100, the more “yes” answers to each question and therefore, the higher the satisfaction rating. Statewide historical score averages have ranged from 85.6 to 88.2.

View Most Current Family Survey Results

To download the latest Family Satisfaction Surveys which have been sorted by nursing home facilities located in each of Ohio’s 88 counties, please click on this link:

2016 Ohio Nursing Home Family Satisfaction Survey

2014 Ohio Nursing Home Family Satisfaction Survey



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Ohio Nursing Home Family Satisfaction Survey
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