What Our Clients Say About Us

“Mr. Delahunty was a superb attorney to work with. I was contacted at every level or step that was being taken. He explained everything to me in detail. He went the extra mile! He investigated and read the reports . He informed me of things that were happening and that were going to happen. He briefed me on what to expect during each step of the way. I was always involved as part of the process, which truly surprised me. Everything was explained in great detail. He took time to listen to me and answered all of my questions. He was not only thorough but I would say aggressive where he needed to be and passionate when he needed to be. He is one of most professional individuals I have ever worked with. I would not hesitate to recommend or retain him again. I cannot say enough about this GREAT attorney. Please do not hesitate to retain him as an attorney when you need one!”  – Olson


“I used Slater & Zurz after everyone I contacted told me I had no wrongful death case. They listened and it cost me nothing. Slater & Zurz took the case assigned Marty Delahunty as my attorney and delivered exactly what they promised. They got me a settlement in the wrongful death of my father. They kept me informed everystep of the way.They answered all of my questions, walked me through everything. Marty was aggressive and compassionate. I met Mr. Zurz and Slater and they all treated me as though I was thier only client. I noticed that when I would visit thier offoce they treated everyone this way. They are caring and compassionate, yet aggresive and deliver everything they claim to do. I recommend to them to anyone who wants GOOD legal representation from ad GREAT legal firm!”  –  Sarah H. 
“I have to tell you this is a GREAT law firm. My mom used them when she felt my grandfather Pops died from negligence at a nursing home. Slater & Zurz listened , kept mom informed, consoled and counseled her, aggressively won the case and gave her and our whole family closure. Pops isn’t here and the only way to get an apology was for them to write the check and with out the expertise of Slater & Zurz we would never of had closure – I recommend them for any one who needs a serious attorney and a GOOD attorney. They left no questions unanswered and I thank them for helping my mom with this horrific incident!”  – Red 
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